Food Industry

In recent decades the food and beverage industry has undergone generalized changesfrom small to medium and large businesses. The resultingindustrialization of food processing has created many applications using vacuum pumps and compressors.




1. Bottles filling - machines in beer factories


2. Chocolate production


3. Vegetables cleaning


4. Coffee roasting


5. Dairy processing


6. Degassing of mineral water


7. Deodorizing of salad oils and



8. Evacuation


9. Filtration units


10. Food preservation


11. Fruit processing machines


12. Ham drying


13. Humidification of tobacco


14. Milking system


15. Potato aeration


16. Poultry processing


17. Salmon cleaning machines


18. Sausage production


19. Sterilization of tea and spices


20. Sugar production


21. Systems for cleaning fish and shellfish


22. Lyophilization of products


23. Dehydration

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