Packaging Industry

Food packaging: air and its oxygen content can have harmful effects on the quality and durability of fresh foods. Therefore many processes need vacuum. The classic vacuum application in this field is vacuum packaging. Before sealing, a vacuum pump removes the air from the package. Vacuum pumps are used in many packaging machines for industrial use, such as thermoforming, continuous packaging machines and tray sealing machines.


Non-food packaging: a vacuum pump is used to remove the air from the container in product packaging before sealing. Proper packaging provides the best protection against transport and ensures that products such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, etc., can be sent to the customer aseptically and dust free.


Other food packaging applications:


1. Filling and sealing machines


2. Food Packaging


3. Thermoforming


4. Modified packaging atmosphere (MAP)


5. PET packaging production


6.Tray sealing


7. Removal of cuts.


8. Handling and positioning & quot; Pick & amp; Place & quot;


9. Lyophilization


10. Removing ice


Other applications of non-food packaging:

1. Air mattresses


2. Blister machines


3. Removal


4. Filling and sealing units


5. Thermoforming


6. Production of paper bags


7. Reducing the volume of transport


8. Tray sealing


9. Elimination of cuts

10. Palletizing


11. Drying


12. Clamping



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