24 hours of uninterrupted functioning. Clean air free from oil. High performance and high efficiency. Flows up to 166 l.p.m. and 100 mbar max. vacuum.
24 hours of uninterrupted functioning. Clean air free from oil. Flow rates up to 2450 m³/h and a maximum vacuum of 700 mbar.
Distinguishes itself for easy functioning, low noise, easy maintenance and respect for the environment. With a wide range of models covering flow rates from 3 to 155 m³/h and a final vacuum of 150 mbar (abs.).
Pumps prepared to work both in fine and poor vacuum. Flow rates from 10 m³/h to 1535 m³/h. Maximum final vacuum, 0.1 mbar (abs.). Wire mesh filter for incorporated suction.
Dry vacuum pumps operating without contact. Possibility of working with variable frequency drive. Minimum maintenance. Air cooling.
Dry operation. High vacuum level in a single step. Short removal time due to their high suction capacity. Several pump sizes available with ATEX certificate.
These equipments belong to the dry positive displacement pumps. Tri-lobe and bi-lobe versions. Models available with soundproof booth. Flow rates from 40 to 10300 m³/h.
Vacuum groups with infinite flow possibilities and multiple mounting options.
Griño Rotamik systems offer different options to combine vane pumps, lobe and / or twang.Thanks to these equipments maximum vacuum is possible in the smallest possible space.
Central vacuum manufactured according to customer needs. Available in a wide range of vacuum pumps (lubricated palette / dry, screw, claw,...). Available with and without cabin soundproofing. Control and power elements custom designed.
Pumps and vacuum equipment prepared for the contact between oil and a high percentage of oxygen.
Pumps with ATEX certification. Wide range according to the final application and required category.